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I believe the word “master craftsman” is a title that is earned through years of experimentation, education, and experience- it’s not just a description to add to your business card. I began exploring woodworking, furniture building, and material installation long before I established Kemmco in 2015.

From helping my father install flooring as a kid, which instilled in me both a strong work ethic and an understanding of process, to crafting custom skateboards which allowed me to explore my creativity- I’ve always had a love for making things.

Kemmco began with commissions for one-of-a-kind projects working with builders and businesses like Dahms Designs and Dakota Timber Company. Request after request led to learning new techniques, trying new mediums, and pushing the boundaries of what I could build.

In 2017 I secured my contractors license to allow Kemmco to take on projects at an even larger scale. I’ve enjoyed taking the lead as general contractor on commercial projects like Daran’s Southern Soul Food in Fargo as well as leading installs of material for commercial spaces, restaurants, and homes throughout Fargo.

Whether I'm working on a single piece of custom furniture or designing and building for a whole room or restaurant I'm always guided by quality and artistry in my work. I love working with clients to help develop their creative ideas as much as I love being given the freedom to bring my own inspirations to life.

If you have a project that calls for a creative approach I'd love to discuss the possibilities with you. 

-Tom Kemmer

Tom Kemmer Kemmco Fargo ND Custom Furniture .JPG
Tom Kemmer Kemmco Custom Furniture Fargo ND .JPG
Kemmco Reclaimed Furniture Fargo .JPG
Kemmco Fargo Moorhead ND MN Custom Furniture Builder.JPG
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